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Publishing Kitt: You don’t have to be alone.

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And you’re not alone!

Yesterday I attended an inter-generation event called ‘Bridge the Gap’ and a poet/writer that I have recently met was there also. We had a fantastic conversation about the road to getting published and just by talking to Nina I realised something, publishing is not something you have to be alone in and you are not alone! Just like any new journey the path can be daunting, unexpected and long; throw in a mass of rejection letters and emails and it becomes very harrowing. But, ¬†not only is there hope at the end of the tunnel but there there is help, support and an array of understanding people there every step of the way.

So talk to fellow authors and writers. Even bloggers have to submit their work to get it published on a reputable site. The point is that those who are also on the same road as you know what you are talking about and how you feel, regardless of their genre, age or status, they are still on that same road. So talk to them, they might have some valuable tips and ideas for you and you might even find that have some advice to share with them.

Talk to the ones who have been there and done it! At the beginning of this year I sent a message to my literary idol Jill Mansell. I had asked her for advice about writing and connecting with your characters and whether it’s wrong to stop writing one novel and begin another, honestly I was not expecting a reply. However a few hours later she messaged me back with probably the most precious advice I’ve been given to date and it’s stuck with me ever since. So do reach out to your idols, I’m not suggesting you hound them with messages but even if they are John Grisham, they might reply, they might not. They will most definitely be busy working on a new bestseller but, once you send your message out into the cosmic void, it is there for them to pick up. But most importantly they have been through the exact same journey as us and they know precisely how you are feeling.

So talk to your writing peers, tell them how it’s going, tell them if you’re fed up and worried you’ll never be successful; address those fears and let someone help you. A few words of reassurance, encouragement and inspiration can go a long way when you’re wishing on stars and praying to the gods for your dream career!

Don’t be alone!


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Welcome to My Lab


Hello! Bonjour! Ciao bella!

My name is Jordan, well Jo, or Jord… I have many names. I am a freelance writer and poet from Birmingham, an English & Creative Writing undergrad student and I run a service called The Blogatory and you can find out more about what I do and who I am as I post.

So… this is my new blog, my fourth blog, but this one is all shiny and sparkly! This one is special. This one I will dedicate myself to and not banish to the realms of cyber purgatory from neglect.

Jo’s Blogatory is a writing lab of everything and anything in my life that I want to write about, basically an online journal – like most blogs are. You can expect from me: ¬†exciting things, cool things, happy things (they are not all the same thing – are they?); sad things, angry things, book things, feminine things (of ladyhood) and love things – which I am a BIG sucker for. But yeah, basically everything! The last two I will be posting about very soon!

Er what else, what else? I write a lot – it’s nearly all I do and the reason I wear reading glasses (well should wear but I don’t, shhh don’t tell Specsavers). I drink lots of tea -I practically live off it, daisies are my favourite flowers because they’re so pretty and I have an enormous love for music, there will be posts about music too!

Anyhoo, that is all I have to say for now…

Feel free to ask me anything you like!

Have a fabulous day!

J x