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Handmade by Luna

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Hello lovely bloggers!

Let me introduce to you Handmade by Luna! It is powered through my business The Blogatory as a writing service product and it’s the cutest creative little business venture I have possibly thought of yet!

Handmade by Luna is handmade and custom made designs and illustrations put on homeware such as, mugs, cups, plates, bowls; pet bowls and candle holder – all those kind of lovely homely things. The shop isn’t open yet but you can like the instagram page: handmadebyluna and the Facebook page (click here): Handmade by Luna.

I am also giving 5 likers and followers a free gift when they follow and share the page either on Facebook or Instagram.

So why not support a new small business and treat yourself or someone you love to a personalised gift?

Here’s a sneak peek of some of Luna’s work…

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Other Bits

The Curveball

I have neglected my blog a little bit over the last couple of weeks! I feel terrible after promising myself I wouldn’t throw this one into the pits of inter web despair. But why have I been MIA?


Life happens! You turn a corner and boom there it is, by no fault of your own, that is something we humans forget – sometimes you don’t know what’s coming around that corner. Nothing is ever plain sailing there are always treacherous winds and a pesky iceberg – just ask the titanic! But! You can always go back to it, if you leave something for a long period of time, the longer you leave it the less chance you will go back to it. Don’t just tell yourself, ‘Oh yeah I’ll do it tomorrow.’ – do it today!

You never know what you might miss out on. Because even if life does throw that curve ball, you can catch it! And it’s now your ball for you to do whatever you want with it.

So now I’ve caught my ball I can go back to doing what I was doing before – hello again blog!


Other Bits

Er no, chocolate is not a sin.

Yummy! It’s pancake day, an excuse to make as many pancakes as we can fill our bellies with and more. However, we know that with Shrove Tuesday comes Ash Wednesday which marks the start of lent, where we try and give up something (usually chocolate) taking us up to Easter Sunday so that we have the excuse of rewarding ourselves with bundles of Easter egg’s, more than we can consume in one day. Now this is brilliant, of course it is, it’s chocolate all on one day! But should we really give up chocolate for lent?

We all know what lent is about, Jesus died on the cross for our sins and so we should give up something that forecasts a sin etc etc… yes we get that. And well, chocolate is not a sin, obviously, but greed is. The problem here though is; isn’t it greedy to shove our faces with chocolate the day after forty days of giving it up for the reason of giving up greed? I wonder if there are other things, deeper things that we can give up rather than chocolate or cake and sweets or even this that we can do. What about the other sins, and what about the other commandments. If we take out the religious context and you realise that these things are simple common decency, things that we should or should not do as human beings, like (obvious example) ‘thou shalt not kill’. I’m not a believer in the big man myself, but I am a believer in doing good, feeling good and loving well.

Why not instead of giving up chocolate, do we give up negative people and negative thoughts about others? Or do something good between now and Easter such as donating things we don’t need or want anymore to charities, volunteering or simply show someone an act of kindness everyday – smiling at someone or giving someone a compliment may be the smallest thing but can mean the biggest of things to some. And it’s really good karma – if you believe in it!

Plus this way we get to enjoy sweet stuff all through Easter!

The message of lent (in my view) is about doing something positive, feeling positive and feeding each other a positive vibe. Easter Sunday is about the reawakening of Christ, so don’t we reawaken some good wholesome energy in our lives, be selfless to ourselves  (yes this is possible, by starving our own mind and body of positiveness) and others.

And not give up chocolate.