About Me

So this is a newly added section to my blog, mainly because when I started this blog I didn’t know what to write about myself and I still kind of don’t. But what I can tell you is this…

My name is Jordan (or Jord or Jo). That’s a great start.

I am a writer of all trades, a poet, a novelist (well I will be) and I create various PR and marketing copy. I am an avid book collector, one part of the experience of a book is reading it, the other, is the pretty aurora of colours they display on a book shelf, in a pile on the floor and of course the smell – the new book smell and the old book smell – gorgeous! Sounds pretty weird but humour me.

So what else do I do? I run a pretty amazing project called The Book Club, full of magic, exploration and fun where we bring authors to the readers. I write a lot about love – love in all sorts of ways, relationships, family, friends and that one most important love – self-love. I also write a lot about women and celebrate the amazing things us beings with two pairs of x chromosomes do.

What else… what else? I love tea, I love Jazz and the Italian language, one day I will actually commit to learning it. You should probably know You’ve Got Mail is my favourite romcom if you’re into useless information. I am twenty-one years old with a huge passion for the arts, a big heart, an old head and lots of story to tell.

Hello and welcome to my Blogatory.

Jordan x