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Something New – Progress & Thank you!

2014-06-18 19.30.28-2

This year has been the start of a lot of new things, relationships, businesses and much more; including discovering that I’m actually capable of more than I believed that I was, I never believed the people that told me that I had the smarts and the strength, I just always lacked in confidence, but now I can actually say how proud I am from where I started to where I’ve arrived with much more adventures to be had and this time I’m not afraid of the adventure – I’m quite excited about it. If someone had told me last three years ago that I’d be doing an Eng Lit & Creative Writing degree and starting my career in writing I would have laughed at them. Only luck could determine whether I made it as a writer right? Well I’ve started to think that luck is a state of mind, if there is something reachable and achievable that you want, why not grab it?  And I can honestly say that making your dream you own reality is a crazy but fabulous feeling of warm and glowiness – even on the hard days – I look around and see all of my progress and smile.

Since I’m self employed I don’t have a manager to give me  progress report, I do however have a supportive boyfriend and network of friends, family and associates that will, without a doubt in their hearts (or minds), tell me how good and bad I’m doing which is important when it’s only you managing your business (work and life wise). So I have learnt one big important lesson – “A part of your life is only as good as the people your surround yourself with” – especially when you don’t have a great social life because your career side has become the biggest aspect of your life, you do begin to realise; ‘Who is there for me? Even if I haven’t seen so and so in two months and I didn’t reply to their  text until two in the morning because that’s the time that I finished working.’. They are still there because they understand the chasm between the two facets in your life and everything is most definitely a grey area. But funnily enough people who don’t have your best interests or just don’t understand that you are busy, not ignoring them; seem just flutter away, and that is fine because it’s their choice and life is full of them. So maybe we are better off without that extra bit around the edges, your group, your people become smaller but it doesn’t make you any less you, if not just a bit better, in fact you might not have noticed them pick up their coat, tip-toe out the door and silently shut it behind them. I want to thank everyone that has supported me and stuck by me; even when I haven’t been around they sure let me know about it and I appreciate that!

Today as this goes out into the inter-web void is my little (not so little) sister’s prom. Four years ago it was me leaving school with all of these plans and ideas of what I was going to go, what college and adult life was going to be and really, none of those plans, went to plan, BUT, adult life has been good to me (so far). I just hope that my sister takes her time to really enjoy today, look beautiful (which she will of course), dance and have bundles of fun. And then the real fun begins, but she has a vast support network as I do and she has me for every day that isn’t a good one. So for now Jess… have fun tonight!

J x



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