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Two feet and a Bag.

I was thinking today about leaving home and getting my own place, whether it be a flat or a house, just somewhere that I  can call ‘my home’. I was thinking about how restricting it is because of how much things cost. Whether you buy or rent, you pile money in on upfront costs of deposits, admin fees and then you have to buy things to put in this place. Then I thought just how nice it would be to be able to just move into a home at the click of a finger. But it goes deeper than that doesn’t it. What if we could just live anywhere we wanted, not just in our own city or country but, anywhere in the world! How amazing would it be if we could take our two feet and a bag and just go! Exactly how it would have been a very very very long time ago!

Imagine that we didn’t have country borders, that we didn’t need passports to gain entry to a country. Of course that, in an ideal world, would be fabulous. All of the doors to every country would suddenly open and everyone could go anywhere that they wanted, would that mean however that society and the financial status of every country would be different? Would it mean that wars may have possibly have never have been? Possibly. If there were no ‘ownership’ over countries and greed was abolished maybe the world would be a completely different place.  Would we all be more ‘cultured’ and ‘educated’? Could sexism, racism, and all the ‘isms’ be virtually non existent by now.

But, is it human nature to colonise and to stick to circles? Is that a way of survival? Does that affect how we have come to the drawn lines of the world and the countries within it? Could you govern a world with no restrictions? Probably not. Yet, the world is ours and we are told where and how we can access and not.

I guess I have a lot of thoughts and questions, and maybe not at all many answers. But I can’t help but wonder how different the world could be when possibilities are endless but so far out of reach in this case? Do we take to the road with a polka dot blanket and a stick, passport at hand and brave it with little money? Or should we be able to go wherever we want without restrictions?


What do you think?



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