Coming soon…

It’s International Women’s Month! And for me, not only because I’m a woman but also because I love all women this is a big and very important month to me, as well as being the month of the Diva – it all ties in veryyyy nicely!

So! Some time (before the end of March) I am going to release a big blog post about why being a woman is important in today’s world. I have some great ideas and I’m really excited to get started, however I want to take this as an opportunity for people to hear other women’s voices and not just my own. That is why I am asking women of all ages and backgrounds to tell me what they think is important about being a woman and name one woman who inspires them and why.

I want this to be a celebration of women kind and a notice of how women’s equality is still so far away from being complete. I invite any woman to send me their thoughts and answer to my question.

This will also towards the campaign a great team and I are working on called RAW (Real And Wonderful) which you can hear more about our brilliant campaign soon!

You can send your answers to me through email at raw.campaignmail@gmail.com or alternatively, hello@theblogatory.com

Please also state that you are happy for to use your response now and in the future for our campaign.

I look forward to reading your responses!

J x


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