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Welcome to My Lab


Hello! Bonjour! Ciao bella!

My name is Jordan, well Jo, or Jord… I have many names. I am a freelance writer and poet from Birmingham, an English & Creative Writing undergrad student and I run a service called The Blogatory and you can find out more about what I do and who I am as I post.

So… this is my new blog, my fourth blog, but this one is all shiny and sparkly! This one is special. This one I will dedicate myself to and not banish to the realms of cyber purgatory from neglect.

Jo’s Blogatory is a writing lab of everything and anything in my life that I want to write about, basically an online journal – like most blogs are. You can expect from me:  exciting things, cool things, happy things (they are not all the same thing – are they?); sad things, angry things, book things, feminine things (of ladyhood) and love things – which I am a BIG sucker for. But yeah, basically everything! The last two I will be posting about very soon!

Er what else, what else? I write a lot – it’s nearly all I do and the reason I wear reading glasses (well should wear but I don’t, shhh don’t tell Specsavers). I drink lots of tea -I practically live off it, daisies are my favourite flowers because they’re so pretty and I have an enormous love for music, there will be posts about music too!

Anyhoo, that is all I have to say for now…

Feel free to ask me anything you like!

Have a fabulous day!

J x


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